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Nature was created maybe before men on earth, and flowers are considered as an essential part of its existence. When we talk about nature, we directly think about gardens where we can find trees, flowers and herbs. The nature can bring peace to our souls, smile to our face, and joy to our hearts. This is the reason behind choosing plants and flowers to send as gifts in many different occasions.

Maya /Free delivery
$59.00 | 42 Euro
Rosette /18 extra Pink roses
$82.00 | 59 Euro
$90.00 | 64 Euro
$90.00 | 64 Euro
Celine /Free Delivery
$90.00 | 64 Euro
$121.00 | 87 Euro
$121.00 | 87 Euro
$121.00 | 87 Euro

Our company has started working with flowers more than 25 years ago. We have become known in the entire world because of our sincere job that we never let go. Jordan flowers is one of our big network distributed in a large amount of countries in the Middle East and in Europe and America. Flowers to Jordan’s profile can be seen on the website www.Flowers-Jordan.com where you can find easily what you want to know about us.

Who are we? Who is Jordan Flowers?

Flowers of Jordan is a family business that started its own company by its hard work. We have been in this field for enough time that made us experts in our domain, so we know the country we are dealing with, the demands of its residents and their preferences. That is what makes us different from others and better than all the flower shops in the world.

What do we exactly do? What is our job and what are our products?

We are the number one in dealing with flowers. We provide with Jordan flowers which are fresh flowers planted in very special areas of our own, and taken care of by a number of specialists that studied how to garden and how to feel them in order to please you. Jordan flowers offer you flowers, roses, bouquets or arrangements of all colors and sizes. In addition to what we can give you, you can bring the design and the style you want and we will make it a beautiful creation.

What are the services that we can offer to our clients?

Jordan flowers can guarantee to all the clients and customers that they will always get the best service ever. For us, as for every person, Time is Money; therefore, we are very punctual in our business. We do treat you seriously even though we try to be your friend and like a member of the family. But business is business and we take our responsibilities regarding our work. That’s why be sure and cool about ordering flowers from our online shop, we won’t let you down. You will absolutely get your flowers when you need them and whenever you are in the country, because we can be by your side and at your disposition in all the corners of Jordan. All you have to do is to visit our site www.Flowers-Jordan.com and choose whatever you like and decide what you want. You will get your orders in the conditions you would ever like, and you will be really pleased and happy.


I knew that the bouquet I was sent yesterday is from your shop and I just want to tell you that you are great.



Thank you for the very original bouquet you made for my sister on her birthday. She loved it very much.



I just want to tell you that I really like your website and what you offer to us.



The arrangement made especially for the new born boys is wonderful, it shows life and power.



You have plenty of choices we can always rely on when we need something and we don’t have anything specific in our mind.


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